Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Moulvi Syed Allavuddin

Date of Death: 1884
            Moulvi Syed Allavuddin was a spiritual leader.  He used to exhort people of Nizam State, one of the strongest princely states of South India, to rebel against the British hegemony.  He stood in the forefront of the direct fight against the British Government.  Moulvi Syed Allavuddin was a native of Hyderabad, the capital of erstwhile Nizam princely state.  Allavuddin intensified his rebellious activities soon after First War of Independence of India was started in 1857.  In Aurangabad which was part of Nizam princely state, revolt was started and Nizam Government arrested at the earlier stage.  The rebels who took part in that revolutionary activity escaped arrest by British officials and came to Hyderabad.  They were arrested by the Nizam state police and kept in the jail.  The people and prominent citizens of Nizam state were angry when Nizam rejected their plea to release the arrested rebels.  They met in Mecca Maszid on 17th July, 1857 and decided to attack the British Residency in Hyderabad.  That after noon at 4 P.M. about of five hundred people led by Moulvi Allavuddin and another revolutionary leader Patan Turrebaz Khan marched ahead form Sultan Bazar with war crimes to attack British Residency, a symbol of British Supremacy.  Nizam Nawab being a friend of the British, informed the English officers of the imminent attack.  The armies of the English and the Nizam moved strategically and confronted the attackers with additional forces.  Firing continued between two sides throughout the night.  The rebels retreated as the enemy forces gained an upper hand.  The angry armies of the British and the Nizam cracked down the people of Hyderabad.  An award of four thousand rupees was announced on the head of Moulvi Allavuddin.  Moulvi went underground.  After taking shelter for one and half year from his close friend named Peer Mohammed, he started consultations with freedom fighters like Syed Bhikkoo, Syed Lal and Mohammed Ali to put an end to the hegemony of the British on his land and people.  At last British force arrested and sent him to the cellular jail in the Andaman on 28th June, 1859.  After leading a miserable life of 25 years as a prisoner, Moulvi Syed Allavuddin passed away in 1884.

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