Indian Terms and Meanings

* Agrahara- 1st time Samudra Guptha used the term. Daana shasana- Regarding land grants. Satavahanas are the first kings of India to grant lands to priests. Satavahanas gave land in lieu of Daskshina. Later periods those land grants bagan to be called as Agraharas. Agrahara- Term used in North. Brahmadeya- Term used on South.
* Akshyaya nivi- All land grants during Satavahana period are given as Akshayanivi. Perpetual endowments. Land given with perpetual rights.
* Amathya- Minister
The term Amathya is found first time in Satavahan period (inscription.)?
The term Pratihara(Means Dwarapala) also found first time during satavahana period.
* Aprathihatha - Jungle land. (Vedic Period)
* Bhandagaarika- Store keeper
* Bherighosha
* Brahmadeya - Land Grant (to Brahmins)
* Dhamma Ghosha
* Dharma |
* Dharma Mahaamaathras
* Gopada Sara - Pasture land. (Route taken by cows) (Vedic Perio

* Goulmika- Military officer incharge of village administration
* Heranika- Treasurer
* India
* Iqta 
* Kshethra - Most fertile land during Vedic Period.
* Khilva Kshethra - Waste land during Vedic Period.
* Kurunji - This term denotes a type of land during Sangam Age. Hill and Forest land meant for hunting.
* Mahamathras- Officers during Mauryan period.
* Maha Aayaka- Head of Religious department
( Nibhandagaarika- Incharge of registrations
* Marudam - Cultivable land. / Agriculture land. (Sangam period term)
* Mullai - A type of land during Sangam Age. Pasture land meant for grazing animals.
* Muqti
* Neithal - Sea Shore. Meant for fishing. (Sangam period term)
* Nivarthana- Unit of land.
* Palai - Dry land.  Meant for warfare and plunder.
* Pattikapala- Maker of land charters. Land Grants terms and conditions were engraved on the copper plates Incharge of such copper plate inscriptions
* Peeshwa- Term became current from Bahamani times. (Peeshwa is Persian word)
* Prasasthi- (Eulogy) King`s chievements, donations
* Rajjuka- Judge. Rajjuka was there during mauryan period also.
* Rajjugahaka- Revenue in charge of land survey
* Sandhivigrahaka- Samudra Guptha Allahabad Inscription.
* Subhadrangi  |
* Turkan e chihalgani
* Uparakshitha- Spy
* Vasthi - Habitable land. (Vasthi = Basthi)
* Vatsa Gulma


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