Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ashoka Maurya

Ashoka -
Born: August 304 BC, Pataliputra
Died: 232 BC, Pataliputra
Ruled between 268 B.C. to 232 B.C.
Mauryan dynasty king. Greatest king of India.
Ashoka is a Philosopher king.
His titles are Devanam piya, Piya Dassi.
Son of Bindhusara.
Grand son of Chandraguptha Maurya, who was a founder of Mauryan Dynasty.
After the Kalinga war, Ashoka changed his mind and shifted to the path of peace.

He decided to establish peace by inculcating the spirit of Dhamma instead of waging

wars. Ashoka appointed Dhamma Maha Mathras to spread Dhamma all over the

world. This strategy surely showed resuts. We don't see any revolts or invasions

during the lifetime of Ashoka. Ashoka himself moved from palce to place spreading

In Major Rock  Edict XII - (MRE-XII) - we find the principles of Ashoka's

"If you follow Dhamma / Dharrma, you attain Swarga"_ Ashoka.
Every Ashoka inscription start with the phrase "Devaanaam Piya"
Buddhist doctrines 'Ashtaanga Maarga' and 'Arya Sathya' were never found in

Ashokan inscriptions.
Asshoka's Dhamma is a secular code of conduct. There is no room for rituals in

Sona and Uttara are th important members of Ashoka's family.
Sona and Uttara propogated Dhamma in Burma.
Majjima propogated Dhamma in Himalayan Region.
Mahadeva propogated Dhamma in Himalayan Region.
Rakkitha propogated Dhamma in Yona. Yona may be a Greek settlement in Inda.
Mahaadhamma Rakkitha propogated Dhamma in Maharashtra.

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