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Major Rock Edicts of Ashoka Maurya and its content

Major Rock Edicts of Ashoka Maurya and its content
MRE 1 - Banned animal sacrifice and festive gatherings. Royal kitchen has permission

to sacrifice 3 animals per day. (2 Peacocks and 1 deer.)
MRE 2 - Welfare measures and Prayantas. Construction of Tanks, Roads, planting

trees (saplings), Medicinal plants, medical missionary. South Indian kingdoms, Chodas - Northern. Tamilnadu, Pandhyas - Southern Tamilnadu, Keralaputras, Satyaputhrras, Tamra parni - Srilanka)) were mentioned in this inscription.

MRE 3 - Be liberal to Brahmins and Sramanas. Spend moderately. Quinquennial tours (tour for every 5 years). Yukthas, Rajukas and Pradeshikas were mentioned in this inscription.
MRE 4 - Non violence towards animals and birds. Bherighosha is replaced with Dhammaghosha.
MRE 5 - Humane treatment to slaves and prisioners. Ashoka Maurya appointed Dharma Mahaamaathras in his 14th regnal year.
MRE 6 - Gives details about Maurya administration and its efficiency. "Savve Janaa Paja Mama" is the motto of Ashokan administration. "Savve Janaa Paja Mama" means all the people are my children. This is the aim and epitome of Ashoka Maurya's administration.
MRE 7 - Tolerance among various sects. There were 50 sects during that period.
MRE 8 - Instead of 'Vihaara Yaathras', tours for pleasure, Ashoka undertook 'Dhamma Yaathras', tours to spread justice. Due to the Dhamma Yaathras Ashoka came in touch with rural areas. During his 10th regnal year Ashoka paid a visit to Gaya.
MRE 9 - Shun rituals, ceremonies and adopt Dhamma.
MRE 10 - Defined Dhamma in his Major Rock Edict X. Major PE II also defines Dhamma. Ashoka had no desire for fame and glory. He desired only Dhamma Vijaya.

MRE 11 - Dhamma brings gains and merits in present and next life.

MRE 12 - Tolerance among various sects. Ashoka's respect to various sects. Important principles of Dhamma. Sushrusha. Apachitr. Sampratipatti. Avihimsa Bhuthaanam. Apavyavata. Apabhandhajaatha. Satyam. Mardhavam. Dhammarati. Bhaavashuddi.

MRE 13 - Longest and most important Major Rock Edict is 13th MRE. Ashoka mentioned Kalinga war in this edict. 5 Helenic kingdoms and thir kings were mentioned in this edict. Antiyoka - Syria. Antikin - Macedonia. Alikasudra - Epirus. Thurayama - Egypt. magas - Cyrene.
Prathyanthas - Boarder state - Chodas (Nabakas), Pandyas (Purundas), Bhojas (Kambhoja), Pitinikas (Tamraparni).

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