Sunday, December 24, 2017

Abdul Majid Khwaja

Date of Birth: 1885 and Date of Death: 2nd December, 1962
            Abdul Majid Khwaja, who followed the path of Mahatma Gandhi throughout his life, was born in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh in a wealthy landlord family in 1885.  His father Khwaja Mohammad Yousuf was a famous advocate and mother was Begum Akhtar Sarbuland Jung.  Since Yousuf was fond of modern education, he got his children educated on modern lines along with spiritual education at home.  Abdul Majid went to Cambridge for higher education in 1906.  There Majid meet Mahatma Gandhi, who was then leading the movement in South Africa.  Since then, he became a very loyal follower of Mahatma Gandhi.  He returned to Aligarh in 1910, where he started his legal practice and became one of the famous advocates in Aligarh.  Abdul Majid Khwaja got married to Begum Khurshid, who was very active leader of Indian National Movement.  Abdul Majid Khwaja and his wife Begum Khurshid Khwaja both took part in the Indian National Movement very actively.  In response to the call given by Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Majid given up his lucrative practice as an advocate to participate in the Khilafat and Non Cooperation Movement started in 1919.  He was arrested first time and imprisoned for a period of six months.  He also took an active role in the establishment of Jamia Milia Islamia (National College), which was founded during the National Movement.  He took several steps for the welfare of the students who had boycotted the colleges during the National Movement and also for the stability and development of the College till 1925.  Abdul Majid Khwaja again started his legal practice in 1926 because of his ill health and family problems.  Since then, he was away from the active politics till 1943.  He opposed the divisive politics of the Muslim League after 1940 and re-entered into active politics in 1943.  He took up the responsibilities as the Vice Chancellor of the National College in 1936 on the request of Dr. Zakir Hussain.  Later, he got promoted as its Chancellor and continued in that post till 1962.  Abdul Majid campaigned against the two nation theory and the divisive politics of the League.  He propagated liberal Islamism and Secularism to ensure harmony between Hindus and Muslims.  But he was depressed after the partition of the Nation and the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and totally stayed away from politics.  Though his colleagues were in top positions after independence, he never aspired for any favour from them.  Abdul Majid Khwaja, who led a very simple life, till to end, breathed his last on 2nd December, 1962.

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