Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dr. Zainul Abedeen Ahmed

Date of Birth: 29th September, 1907 and Date of Death: 17th January, 1999
            Dr. Zainul Abedeen Ahmed was born in a educated family on 29th September, 1907 at Umarkote of Sind Provice in Pakistan.  He was a dedicated leader, who wanted to liberate not only the Nation from the yoke of foreign rulers but also to free the people from exploitation.  His father Ziavuddin Ahamed is higher official in British Government.  His mother’s Name is Iqbal Begum.  He lost his mother in his young age.  He went to Aligarh Muslim University in 1923 for his college education.  He did B.A. (Honors) in Alighar.  In 1928 he went to England, where he obtained his doctorate from the London School of Economics in 1935.  He returned to India in 1936.  He got attracted towards the Indian National Movement and Communist Movement.  Though the British Government offered him the post of the Principal of a Government College, he refused the offer as he was influenced by the nationalist spirit.  He decided to take part in the National Movement against the imperialist rulers and to work for the building of an independent nation.  He got married to Hajara Begum in 1936, who met him in England.  He was appointed as the secretary of Uttar Pradesh Congress committee and Advisor of its economic affairs.  But, he was opposed by some of the Congress leaders for his open statements supporting Communist ideology.  They suggested sacking him even from the party.  But, Jawaharlal Nehru refused to do so.  When the National Movement was in its full swing, Dr. Ahmed and his wife Hajara Begum actively led the Movement.  As a result, he was imprisoned by the British Government and it also imposed several sanctions against him.  Later, he distanced himself from the Indian National Congress along with his wife, because of his pro-communist stand.  Though the Communist Party was facing severe repression in those days, Dr. Ahmed copule chose to face the critical situation.  He got elected to the Rajyasabha in 1958 and in 1996.  Since he had a good knowledge of the problems of the people, particularly the problems of the farmers, he actively took part in the Peasant Movement.  In the process, he was made the President of the All India Kisan Maha Sabha.  Dr. Zainul Abedeen Ahmed, who wanted a society without inequalities, passed away on 17th January, 1999.

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