Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mir Akbar Ali Khan

Date of Birth: 20th November, 1899 and Date of Death: 1994.
            Mir Akbar Ali Khan, was one among the students of Aligarh who entered into the Indian National Movement by participating in the Khilafat and Non Cooperation Movement from Nizam State, was born on 20th November, 1899 in a wealthy family of Hyderabad, presently capital of Andhra Pradesh.  His father was Mir Mehaboob Ali Khan.  Mir Akbar had his primary education as his native place.  He boycotted the college when he was studying at Aligarh to participate in the Khilafat, Non Cooperation Movement.  He rejected the request to oppose the boycott by the representatives of Nizam including Sir Akbar Hyderi, Sir Ross Masood, Latif Yaar Jung, Habib ur Rehaman Sherwani etc.  He took an active role in the National Movement.  Later, he joined the Jamia Milia Islamia, where he completed his higher education.  He went to London and obtained a degree in Law.  He returned to Hyderabad and started practice in 1927.  He never gave priority for income, but worked with a humanitarian approach.  He started several voluntary organisations to improve the basic amenities to the people.  He wanted harmony among the Hindus and Muslims and worked for this throughout his life.  In 1929, he started ‘Society of Union and Progress’ to work for the communal harmony, peace and progress of the people.  He formulated a special programme along with Srinivas Aiyengar to address the disputes between the Hindus and Muslims and bring harmony among them.  In 1940, he refused the advice of Mohammad Ali Zinna to join in Majlis-e-Iltahadul Muslimeen.  Later he even rejected the offer made by Khasim Rizwi in 1946, who wooed to make him the Prime Minister of Hyderabad.  He joined the Indian National Congress in 1949.  He got elected as a member of Rajyasabha in April, 1956 and continued in that post for a period of 18 years.  Later, he appointed by Government of India as the Governor of Uttar Pradesh from 1972-1974.  Once again he was sent to Orissa as a Governor in 1974.  He was in that post upto 1976.  In 1965 he was honoured with ‘Padmabhushan’ by Government of India, recognizing his services during the pre and post Independent India.  Mir Akbar Ali Khan, who dedicated himself to serve the people throughout his life, died in 1994.

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