Friday, December 22, 2017

Dr. Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan

Date of Birth: 1883 and Date of Death: 9th May, 1958
            Dr. Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan, who was famous as Dr. Khan Saheb in the history of the Indian National Movement was born in 1883 in Uttamanjai village in Charsadda tahsil of Peshawar district of Pakistan.  He had his primary education in Peshawar and finished his Medical Course in Bombay.  Later, he travelled to England for higher studies in 1909 and returned to India and joined the Indian Medical Service in 1920.  But, he resigned from the job as he was reluctant to treat the British soldiers.  He started his own hospital to serve the people under the guidance of his brother Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and entered into the Indian National Movement.  He joined in the Civil Disobedience Movement in 1930 in response to the call given by Mahatma Gandhi, during which he delivered his maiden political speech.  He was sentenced by the British Government for treating the victims, who were wounded during the police firing at Khissakhani Bazar in Peshawar.  After the completion of the sentence, he was exiled from the North West Frontier Province.  Dr. Khan Saheb was a dedicated leader in the Freedom Movement and he was adored by the people as an un-paralleled leader in the North West Frontier Province in the Indian National Congress.  HE defeated the Muslim League candidates in the elections held in 1935 and 1940 and became the Chief Minister. He actively participated in the Quit India Movement in 1942.  He opposed the separatist ideology of the All India Muslim League and countered the two-nation theory of Jinnah.  When the Muslim League conducted public debate on 16th August, 1946, he put all his efforts to ensure harmony between Hindus and Muslims.  Thought the Indian National Congress had agreed formally for the division of the Nation on 1st May, 1947, Dr. Khan brothers opposed it till the end.  As a result, the Pakistan government branded Dr. Khan as a ‘traitor’ and put him under house arrest for six years.  Even later, Khan Brothers were exiled several times.  Notwithstanding the treatment of the governments towards him, Dr. Khan was adored by the people as their beloved leader.  Despite knowing the fact that, conspiracies were going on for his elimination; Dr. Khan did not distance himself from the people who loved him.  Finally, Dr. Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan was assassinated on 9th May, 1958.

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