Sunday, December 24, 2017

Munshi Syed Mehaboob

Date of Death: February, 1985
            Munshi Syed Mehaboob, who brought the All India Muslim League near to Andhra villages away from the domination of Madras City League leaders, was born in Yedlapalli village, Tenali Taluq of Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh.  Syed Mehaboob became Munshi Syed Mehaboob as he completed ‘Adeeb-e-Fazil’.  Since he developed nationalist thoughts from his younger age, he actively participated in the National Movement.  He took membership in the All India Muslim League and established the League in the State in 1945 in Tenali.  He fought against the authoritarian activities of the leaders of the League in Madras to protect the interests of the common activists.  He organised Muslim League, Guntur district branch first meeting at Tenali.  It was attended by top leaders of the Muslim League including the nationalist leader and famous poet Dr. Umar Ali Shah and some others.  He worked hard for the organisation of the Muslim League in Andhra and developed the Muslim League by conducting cultural activities and study classes in and around Tenali.  He opposed the separatist ideas, which cropped up later in the League.  He strongly opposed the two nation theory of the Muslim League and warned that the division of the country on the basis of religion would be dangerous for Indians.  Despite the pressures from his party colleagues, he never stopped expressing his views freely.  Finally, he resigned from League and started participating in the Indian National Movement under the leadership of the Indian National Congress.  Later, he got attracted towards the socialist ideology and took membership in the Communist Party of India.  He started a service organisation named ‘Anjuman-e-Watan’ and also started a library in the name of Abul Kalam Azad with his own expenditure.  Syed Mehaboob was not only a famous and good artist, but also an inspiring orator.  He helped candidates of the Communist Party of India, who had contested from Andhra region in the undivided Madras province, in their victory in 1952 General Elections.  In recognition of his service, he became a Member of the Legislative Council in the undivided Madras province.  He established ‘Association for the Protection of Andhra Muslim Waqf Properties’ to protect the Waqf Properties.  As a President of this Association, he made several proposals to the Government.  He authored a book on the Waqf Properties along with the freedom fighter Mohammad Adam, who belonged to Vijayawada city of Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.  Munshi Syed Mehaboob, who dedicated his life for the welfare of the poor and dreamt of a socialist society passed away in February, 1985.

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