Sunday, December 24, 2017

Major General Aziz Ahmed Khan

Date of Birth: 1906
            Major General Aziz Ahmed Khan, who played a vital in the Indian National Army, was born in 1906 at Begowal town in Kapurtala district in Punjab state of India.  He worked as a Major in Kapurtala Infantry of the British Indian Army.  When the British Army was defeated by Japan in the World War-II, his troops also surrendered to Japanese Army in Singapore.  Since, he was not confident about the honesty of Japanese rulers, he opposed the idea of the formation of the Indian National Army with the help of Japan.  But, he supported the Indian Independence League din May, 1942 for the welfare of the Indian war prisoners.  Aziz Ahmed Khan took part in the historical conference of Indian Independence League held at Bangkok in June, 1942.  He led the Nehru Brigade of the Indian National Army, which was formed under the leadership of Captain Mohan Singh.  He supported Mohan Singh in dissolving the Indian National Army.  He refused to take up the responsibilities as the Commander of the Indian National Army, when he was requested by the revolutionary leader Rash Bihari Bose and the Japanese Commanders after its dissolution.  Later, Aziz Ahmed Khan was convinced to rejoin the Indian National Army, after being told that it would be led by Subhash Chandra Bose.  Since Aziz had great respect towards Chandra Bose, he again took up the charge of the Nehru Brigade after the revival of INA.  He was also appointed as the Minister in the Azad Hind Government, which was formed under the leadership of Subhash Chandra Bose.  When Aziz Ahmed Khan reached Burma from Malaya in May, 1944, he was assigned the responsibility of strengthening the newly formed second division of the INA.  Later, he was appointed as the member of the War Council, when he reached Rangoon with his second division of the INA in October, 1944.  When Subhash Chandra Bose went to Toky to attend a conference, he appointed Aziz as the Supreme Commander in his place.  But, Aziz was severely injured in bombing while moving towards the battle field in Burma with his troops in 1945.  During that time, Major General Shah Nawaz took up his charge.  Later, Aziz Ahmed Khan was assigned charge of the first division of the INA in April, 1945 by Bose.  But, it surrendered to the British Army under the compelled situation that arose because of the shortage of ammunition, food and bad weather.  When Japan was totally defeated in the World War-II, the Indian National Army retreated in May, 1945.  Major General Aziz Ahmed Khan got fame for his warrior spirit, and impressive oratory skills left to Pakistan.

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