Sunday, December 24, 2017

Shaik Moulana Saheb

Date of Birth: 1922 and Date of Death: 2013
            Shaik Moulana Saheb, who hoisted the flag of ‘Paritala Republic’ for the first time during the historic announcement of ‘Paritala Republic’, was born in 1922 in Patitala village of Kanchikacharla Mandal of Krishna district, in Andhra Pradesh.  After that incident, he got into fame as the ‘Flag Bearer of the Paritala Republic.  His parents were Mohammad Bi, Shaik Mira Saheb.  He discontinued his studies in the fourth form to support his family by cutting firewood.  He was well acquainted with Telugu and Urdu languages.  He developed keen interest in the National Movement in the friendship of likeminded people and fiends.  Though India got independence in 1947, Paritala Khanat Taluq was not liberated, as it was then under the Nizam rule.  Then, people of Paritala started a revolt against the Nizam Lordship.  The people of seven villages under Paritala Khanat Taluq had declared freedom by themselves under the leadership of Madiraju Devaraju, a friend of Moula Saheb.  The people of Paritala, then decided to hoist the National Flag as a symbol of independence.  But, as per the Nizam law, hoisting any flag other than Nizam’s amounted to treason, and it was a punishable offence, which attracts three years of imprisonment.  Paritala freedom fighters, who were aware of this law, were undecided over hoisting the flag.  In such a situation, Shaik Moula Saheb came forward to hoist the National Flag at the village office of Paritala and sang ‘Door hato Duniya waalo..’ song.  Paritala, then became a republic after the hoisting by Shaik Moula and the rule of the Republic started and continued for 18 months.  The Jagirdar, who came to know about the flag hoisting incident, attacked the village.  He conducted Communal Panchayat and forced social boycott on Shaik Moula’s family.  And the Jagirdar paraded Moula in the village streets carrying shoes on his head.  But, Moula Saheb did not bother for such incidents.  Later, he went underground for some time.  This incident brought to the knowledge of Mahatma Gandhi.  Meanwhile, Nizam state was merged with in the Indian Union in September, 1948, and Paritala too became a part of the Indian Union, and Shaik Moula’s adventure came to a positive conclusion.  Though several colleagues of Shaik Moula got recognition as freedom fighters, he could not get it till 2010.  He used to spread his spirit of those days to the present youth.  Whenever he is requested, Moula Saheb is use to sing the song ‘Door hato… Duniya waalo… Hindustan Hamaraa Hay’ emotionally.  At the ripe age of ninety one Shaik Moula Saheb breathed his last in 2013.

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