Sunday, December 24, 2017

Colonel Mehboob Ahmad

Date of Birth: 19th March, 1920 and Date of Death: 9th June, 1992
Colonel Mehboob Ahmad, who declared ‘I have only one birth, if I had another thousand births, I would voluntarily submit them all to Subhash Chandra Bose to achieve his aim’ played an important role in Indian National Army for the emancipation of the motherland India, was born on 19th March, 1920 in Chouhat in Patna of Bihar state.  His mother was Begum Asmath Jahan and his father Khan Bahadur Doctor Vali Ahmad.  Mehboob Ahmad completed his education at Indian Military Academy in Deharadun and joined Indian Army as a captain in 1939.  He was sent to Malaya warfare as a British Army officer during Second World War which started in 1939.  He was taken as a prisoner of war along with other officers and soldiers when the British Indian Army faced defeat in the hands of Japan at Kota Bharu.  Later in 1941, he joined Indian National Army formed by Captain Mohan Singh.  In 1943, when Subhash Chandra Bose came to Rangoon from Germany and took up the reins of Indian National Army, Mehboob was promoted as ‘Colonel’.  Later he was appointed as ‘Army Secretary’ in INA.  He played an important role as a coordinator between Indian National Army, Azad Hind Government and its leader Subhash Chandra Bose.  As a army secretary of INA, he was always very close to Netaji and was privy to all the major decisions taken by Bose.  When INA was facing untold suffering in the adverse atmosphere of Burma warfare due to the setback of Japan in the world War, he worked round the clock in providing the required food, uniforms, medicines and medical facilities and timely treatment to the injured and sick soldiers.  Colonel Mehboob who won the admiration of Subhash and other superior officers as a young and efficient army officer, was arrested along with other INA officers in 1945.  Later he faced the trial in Red Fort.  Post Independence, Government of India appointed him as a diplomat to Iraq.  As a diplomat, officer on special duty director and High Commissioner he discharged his duties with the proven ability at home and abroad and won accolades from people as well as Heads of Governments.  He left his powerful imprint on all the fields he touched.  After retirement in 1980, he settled down in his native place Patna.  Ever since, he kept participating actively in literary, social sectors of Bihar.  Colonel Mehboob Ahmad breathed his last on 9th June, 1992.

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