Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dr. Magfoor Ahamed Ajazi

Date of Birth: 3rd March, 1900 and Date of Death: 26th September, 1966
            Dr. Magfoor Ahamed Ajazi, who daringly supported, much against the wish of Mahatma Gandhi, the demand for ‘total independence’ proposed by Moulvi Hasrath Mohani in 1921 at Ahmadabad congress conference, was born on 3rd March, 1900 in Dihuli near Muzaffarpur in Bihar.  His parents were Mahfoozunnisa and Moulvi Hafizuddin Husain.  He was expelled from school for participating in the agitation against Rowlat Act of 1919.  Magfoor Ahamed Ajazi boycotted the Government College in response to the call of Mahatma Gandhi and rushed into Khilafat and Non Cooperation Movement in 1921.  He took active part in Khilafat Movement as a member of Khilafat Central Committee.  He was very much active in every agitation of Indian National Congress.  Pursuant to Gandhiji’s message he made special efforts for social reforms and to wean away people from social evils and bad habits.  Dr. Magfoor Ahamed Ajazi helped to establish organisations such as Ajazi volunteer corps, Ramayan Mandali, Charkha samiti, Kanoon-e-Nijaat.  Dr. Ajazi successfully organised a programme called Muthia (A fistful of grain) to strength the National Movement financially.  He rendered invaluable service to Khadi Movement.  In response to the request of Sarojini Naidu, he expanded the activities of Sevadal in Bihar.  Several times he became target in the oppressive measures taken by British Government.  He opposed Nehru Report of 1928.  As a leader of Ahrar Party, Ajazi worked for Hindu-Muslim Unity and opposed communalism.  He was declared ‘dangerous person’ by the British.  As a result, he went underground.  Ajazi opposed ‘Pakistan Resolution’ of Muslim League.  For this, activists of League stamped him as ‘Dr. Ajazi-Ghaddar-e-Qaum’ (Dr. Ajazi-anti Muslim).  He faced adversity in politics in post independence period.  He was disappointed when the Congress Party broke its promise and nominated someone to Bihar legislative Council.  Since then, he distanced himself from the Congress Party and contested as an independent candidate to Loksabha elections in 1962, but suffered defeat.  From then on the limited his activities to the fields of social reform, Urdu language, labour welfare and sports.  He started several organisations and guided them ably.  He was called as ‘Baba-e-Urdu-Bihar’ for the service he rendered to Urdu movement since 1936.  Doctor Magfoor Ahamead Ajazi who left an indelible mark in the hearts of Biharis with his self less services, breathed his last on 26th September, 1966 in Muzafarpur.

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