Sunday, December 24, 2017

Moulana Ahmed Ali Lahori

Date of Birth: 25th May, 1887 and Date of Death: 16th August, 1962
            Moulana Ahmed Ali Lahori, who worked for the spiritual enlightenment of the people and fought for the liberation of the country from the yoke of British, was born on 25th May, 1887 in Gujranwala in Punjab Province, which is now in Pakistan.  His parents wanted him to become a spiritual scholar, thus, they sent Ahmed Ali to study Holy Quran in Gujranwala.  Later, he joined in a spiritual educational institution in 1901 started by the revolutionary leader, freedom Moulana Obaidullah Sindhi, who was proclaimed ‘dangerous person’ by the British Government.  Ahmed Ali, who is having independent thoughts and ideology, was inspired more by his mentor Obaidullah.  Obaidullah taught him several languages including Persian and also made necessary arrangements for him to pursue his studies under several spiritual scholars.  Ahmed Ali followed the path of his mentor Obaidullah in fighting against the British imperialist rulers.  Meanwhile, Obaidullah Sindhi was sent by his mentor Moulana Mohammad Hassan another freedom fighter to garner support from Afghanistan king to launch armed struggle against the British from outside India.  Moulana Obaidullah in his tour to Kabul secretly met the freedom fighters and also Indian soldiers in the British Indian Army.  He encouraged them not to cooperate British and to take part in the armed struggle against the British army.  Ahamed Ali Lahori took very active part in several programmes organised and directed by Obidullah, staying in India.  This led to massive arrests by the British Government.  Moulana Ali Ahmed Lahori was arrested in 1914 in Delhi.  He was detained in different jails at Simla, Kashmir and Jalandhar, where he was tortured physically and mentally.  Later, he was released with a condition not to leave Lahore City limits.  Since then, he started spiritual teaching making Lahore as the centre of his activity and got fame as a spiritual guide.  He led the Jamaith-e-Ulma-e-Pakistan for a long time as its president.  He wrote several spiritual books, started several institutions and guided a number of disciples in spiritual education.  Moulana Ahmed Ali Lahori passed away on 16th August, 1962.

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