Sunday, December 24, 2017

Mian Akbar Shah

Date of Birth: 18th January, 1889 and Date of Death: 18th April, 1990
            Mian Akbar Shah, who extended all his help to Subhash Chandra Bose during his adventurous journey from Calcutta to Berlin which is described as ‘the great escape’ in the history of Independence Movement, was born in Badrashi, a village in Nowshera district in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, on 18th January, 1889.  He completed higher education and discontinued studies.  He became a close associate of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan and took active part in organising ‘Khuda-e-Khidmathgar’ in North West Frontier Region.  He went to Afghanistan along with a group of patriots before ‘Hijrath’ call given by Moulvi Abdul Bari Fhirangi Mahal in 1920.  They are intended to wage war against the British from outside India.  From there Akbar Shah went to Russia, since they were not allowed into Afghanistan.  He studied Communism in Russia and returned to India.  Soon after coming to India, the British government arrested him in Peshawar conspiracy case and sentenced him to three years Imprisonment.  After release he once again continued his studies and obtained law degree in 1930.  He settled in Peshawar as an advocate.  Akbar restarted his activities gain Independence to India.  He was arrested and imprisoned several times as a result of his political activities.  In 1939, he joined ‘All India Forward Bloc’ and intensified his activities against the British in North West Frontiers Region.  He played a major role from planning to execution of the ‘great escape’ of Subhash Chandra Bose from Calcutta to Berlin, in 1941.  He helped Bose in crossing Afghanistan Border safely with the help of his comrades.  Angered at this adventurous action, the British Government arrested Akbar Shah in April, 1941.  He was shifted to several jails, put to several hardships and was finally released in 1943.  Subsequently Mia Akbar Shah reached his native place and started working for the Independence and for the socialistic pattern of society, as the prominent leader of All India Forward Bloc in NWFP.  In 1951, he was elected as Member of Assembly.  Later, he concentrated on Local politics and reconstruction of villages in Nowshera district.  He faced arrests and imprisonments during his struggles for the rights and welfare of people.  Mian Akbar Shah breathed his last on 18th April, 1990.

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