Sunday, December 24, 2017

Baqar Ali Mirza

Date of Birth: 7th March, 1900 and Date of Death: 1st January, 1973
            Baqar Ali Mirza, who drafted the historical statement advising the Nawab of Nizam to merge the Nizam State with the Indian Union, was born on 7th March, 1900 in Hyderabad capital of Andhra Pradesh.  He strongly opposed the imperialist forces from his student days.  While he was studying, he led the Students’ Unions at Oxford University as its President, which was formed with a group of the students having nationalist ideology.  After finishing his B.A. (Hons) he joined as an assistant conservator of forests in Nizam government.  But, he quit the job as he was asked to give a declaration promising not to participate in any Anti-British activities.  He resigned the job, saying that the condition was entirely against his freedom and independence.  Later on, he dedicated himself for the public service.  He entered into the Trade Union Movement and strengthened the Jute Mill Labour Union which had over three lakh members.  He led the strike of the Jute Mill workers and successfully got their demands fulfilled.  But, he was arrested during the strike and spent a pretty long period behind the bars.  He strongly longed for the country from the British power and garnered public support for the merger of Nizam State with the Indian Union in 1947.  As per the advice of his friend Farid Mirza, he drafted a open letter to the Nawab of Nizam demanding the merger with the Indian Union.  It was titled ‘Letter to Nizam from Seven Renowned Muslims’.  He got the letter published in the Urdu newspapers ‘Payaam’ and ‘Imroz’ without caring for the threats from Razakars.  The Nizam government, which was irked by the letter, put him under house arrest.  He was released after the police action on Nizam in September, 1948.  Baqar Ali Mirza, later became the member of the Provincial Parliament, and continued in that post from 1950 to 1952.  He represented the Inter Parliamentary Union Summit held at Istanbul in Turkey.  He worked as the general secretary of the Indian National Congress session at Nanal Nagar in 1953.  He also worked as the press advisor to the Government of Afghanistan.  Baqar Ali Mirza, who was the member of Loksabha during period of 1962-72, breathed his last on 1st January, 1973.

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