Sunday, December 24, 2017

Moulana Abdul Khasim Fazal-ul-Haq

Date of Birth: 26th October, 1873 and Date of Death: 27th April, 1962
            Moulana Abdul Khasim Fazal-ul-Haq, popular known as ‘Bengal Tiger’, was born on 26th October, 1873 at Sturia village, Jhalokati district which is now in Bangladesh.  His father Khazi Mohammad Wajid was a famous lawyer and his mother was Saidunnisa Katun.  Fazal-ul-Haq studied spiritual texts and learnt Arabic, Urdu, Parsi languages at home and finished his higher education from Calcutta University.  He joined Government service in 1906 as a Deputy Magistrate.  He played a vital role in the formation of the All India Muslim League in Dhaka in 1906.  He resigned from his job in 1911 and started practice as an advocate.  He started a newspaper ‘Daily Nabojug’ (The Daily New Age) to create awareness among the people against the foreign rule.  He also founded several societies and associations for the welfare of the Muslims.  He was elected to the Bengal Legislative Council in 1913.  He held different posts in the All India Muslim League and the Indian National Congress.  He resigned from his General Secretary post in the Congress along with its primary membership in 1919 to participate in the Khilafat Movement.  He appealed to the students during the Non Cooperation Movement not to boycott schools and colleges as it would damage their education.  He started Krishak Praja Party in 1915 for the welfare of the poor and the peasants.  He continued as a Member of Bengal Legislative Assembly till 1956.  He was the Minister for Education in Bengal in 1924 and worked as Mayor of Calcutta in 1935.  He left the Muslim League in 1937 and led the Krishak Praja Party in elections, in which his party won 35 seats out of 250 seats in the Bengal Assembly.  Since the Indian National Congress didn’t support him, he formed the Government with the help of the Muslim League and became the Chief Minister.  During his tenure he brought several reforms for the welfare of the farmers despite the opposition from the Zamindars and Landlords.  He joined the Muslim League again, when Jinnah reshuffled the party and supported the ‘Lahore Resolution’ in 1940 for the formation of Pakistan.  When Bengal Government fell, due to the disputes aroused with the Muslim League, he formed the Government with the support of Hindu Mahasabha and the Forward Bloc.  His ministry was in power till 1943.  After Pakistan was formed in 1947, he held different Ministries in newly formed Government.  He also became the Chief Minister of East Pakistan in 1954 and Governor of East Pakistan in 1956.  Moulana Abdul Khasim Fazal-ul-Haq, who was adored by the people as the ‘Friend of Peasants’ passed away on 27th April, 1962 in Dhaka.

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