Thursday, December 21, 2017

Mohammed Abdul Qadir

Date of Birth: 25th May, 1917 and Date of Death: 10th September, 1943
            Mohammed Abdul Qadir was born on 25th May, 1917 at Vakkam village in Trivandrum district of Kerala.  He took part in anti British struggle at a young age with unstinted zeal to liberate his mother land from the shackles of Colonial rule.  His father’s name was M. Bavo Kanzu.  Abdul Qadir went to Malaysia in search of livelihood where he was attracted towards the attempts being made for the emancipation of India from the yoke of British, under the guidance of an old member of Ghadar Party Baba Hari Singh alias Baba Osman Khan.  Baba Osman Khan played a prominent role in the Indo-German conspiracy to smuggle arms and ammunition into India during the First World War.  Mohammed Abdul Qadir became a member of Indian Independence League.  Soon after, the Japanese force occupied Shanghai during World War-II.  Baba Osman Khan started several branches of Indian Independence League in South Asian Countries with an aim to fight against the British from outside India.  Baba Osman Khan wanted to turn the rank and file of Indian British Army against the British rule.  His aim was to motivate Indian solders to join Indian National Army.  He secured a handful of young men and trained them in spying in a training camp set up at Penang.  Qadir was one of the young men.  He was well trained in Penang training camp.  Abdul Qadir became member of one of the two teams dispatched secretly to India via Malasia and Thailand.  The two teams comprising fourteen young revolutionaries left for India.  Abdul Qadir was in five member team.  When Qadir and his team were trying to enter India through sea route, the British spices spotted them.  They arrested the Qadir and his team members and shifted to Madras Central Jail.  There these revolutionaries were tortured to reveal secrets.  At last Qadir and other revolutionaries were sentenced to death after a so-called trail.  Abdul Qadir kept shouting the slogans such as ‘Victory to Subhash Babu’, ‘British Government down down’ and that ‘Victory to India was certain’, during the whole night preceding his execution day.  Thus Colonial rulers executed a hero of Indian Independence League, Mohammed Abdul Qadir in Madras jail on 10th September, 1943.

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