Thursday, December 21, 2017

Allama Mohammed Iqbal

Date of Birth: 9th November, 1877 and Date of Death: 21st April, 1938
            Allama Mohammed Iqbal, a famous poet, who authored the renowned Urdu anthem ‘Sare Jahanse Achcha… Hindustan Hamara’, was born on 9th November, 1877 in Sailkot in Punjab province, which is now in Pakistan.  He learned Islamic scriptures from the famous scholars of the day and completed his higher education in Lahore.  He got an M.A., in Philosophy in 1899 and worked as a Lecturer.  He wrote the anthem, ‘Sare Jahanse Achcha’ in 1904, which was published in the Urdu magazine ‘Ittehad’ on 16th August, 1904, which has brought him fame all over the nation.  It was also published again in an anthology Bang-e-Dara in 1923 under the title of Tarana-e-Hindi.  Iqbal went to London in 1905 for higher education.  He studied for a Degree in Law and also obtained Ph.D.  He took membership in the All India Muslim League’s London Brach in 1906 and supported the Swadesi Movement.  He came back to India in 1908 and started practice as an Advocate.  But, he did not pay much interest in his legal practice.  After returning from England, he was keen in finding solutions to the problems faced by the Muslims in a spiritual way.  He penned his philosophy mainly in Persian rather than in Urdu and got fame as a Philosopher and a Poet.  He was influence by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and took interest in educating Muslims.  He was also guiding them in politics and raised alarm for the backwardness of the Muslims in the Muslim League Conference held in 1926.  He became a Member in the Punjab Legislative Assembly in 1926.  He presided over the Muslim League meeting at Allahabad in 1930, where his speech became controversial.  One group in the League claimed that Iqbal wanted the formation of Pakistan, but the other group contented that he wanted a separate state only for Muslims where their population is more.  But, he later clarified that formation of Pakistan was not his ambition.  He attended the Second Round Table Conference held in London in 1931-32 as a representative of the Muslim League.  While participating actively in politics, he created an excellent literature in Urdu and Persian, for which he received laurels worldwide.  Allama Mohammed Iqbal books were translated into several other languages.  Though he fell ill during his last days, he never left his mission for the welfare of the fellow Muslims and creating literature.  At last Mohammed Iqbal passed away in Lahore on 21st April, 1938.

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