Thursday, December 21, 2017

Moulana Shaukat Ali

Date of Birth: 10th March, 1873 and Date of Death: 26th November, 1938
            Moulana Shaukat Ali was the elder among the Ali Brothers, who played a leading role in the Khilafat and Non Cooperation Movement.  He was born on 10th March, 1873 at Najibabad in Bijnore district, Uttar Pradesh.  His father was Abdul Ali Khan and mother Abadi Bano Begum.  Since he had lost his father in 1880, he was brought up by his mother.  He went to Aligarh to pursue his higher studies, where he got recognition not only as the best student, but also as the sports person.  His leadership qualities from a very young age have made him a leader of the Aligarh Students Union.  He also worked as an editor for his college magazine.  He obtained his B.A. in 1895 and joined the Government service in 1896.  He continued in the Government service for about 17 years and resigned from job to raise funds for the development of the Aligarh College.  He established Kaba Volunteers Association in 1913 to protect the Kaba structure and to provide facilities to Haj pilgrims.  In this connection, he fought against the imperialist rulers and took part in the management of the English weekly the Comrade and the Urdu daily the Humdard which were edited by his brother Moulana Mohammed Ali.  The British government arrested Ali Brothers on 15th May, 1915 for their anti-government writings.  Their properties were confiscated and they were imprisoned.  Ali Brothers were released in December, 1919.  After their release they took active role in the Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movement.  By then Shaukat Ali became very close to Mahatma Gandhi.  He travelled around the country along with Mahatma Gandhi and attracted the masses with his impressive speeches.  He was again arrested in 1921 because of his role in the Khilafat Non Cooperation Movement.  Shaukat Ali did not agree with the Nehru Committee Report and thus he distanced himself from the Indian National Congress.  His relations with Mahatma Gandhi also affected as he quit the Congress.  He played a vital role in the All Party Meeting in 1929 held in Delhi.  He organised World Muslim Conference at Jerusalem in 1932 and got himself close to the All India Muslim League.  He worked for the welfare of the Muslims through his magazine Khilafat-e-Osmania.  He became a member in the Central Legislative Assembly in 1936.  Irrespective of the posts held, he never compromised in solving the problems of the people.  Moulana Shaukat Ali passed away on 26th November, 1938.

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